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Neon Attack: How to Pull It Off Without Jeopardizing Your Fashion


It’s hard not to notice this trend every time you walk into any clothing store—mostly because a beaming surge of light enters your viewpoint. Neons are back in full force and this time around they are being paired in every way and in every shade possible.

What’s awesome about this trend is how vibrant summer fashion has shaped up to be; these hues offer another dimension when it comes to color blocking and add that definite “wow” factor to your fashion statement. For those that might be of the color-faint-hearted, remember a little splash of color goes a long way, so ease yourself into this trend. Perhaps an accessory or a scarf to begin?

And with every shade translated into a one of a kind piece, these colors are popping up in every form—if you want just a pop of color, try switching out your plain watch or boring bag for a pop of neon and see how it will transform your look. 

For more inspiration check out these websites and video tutorial that are destined to start your love affair this summer: Marie Claire, Style Sizzle, and How To Wear Neon Video


-Bre D’Alessio

Neon and Neutrals

This week on the Get Stylin’ blog, we are featuring our favorite color trends for spring and summer. Since neon is EVERYWHERE this spring, I’d like to share with you a few ways to wear neon. Neon accents really pop against a neutral palette. Of course, neon isn’t actually a color; rather, it’s a shade. Regardless, here are a few fabulous ways to accent your wardrobe with neon:

The other day, I was browsing Dulce Candy’s fashion blog and came across her “Pelpum Jacket + Accessories” post. Her outfit is so chic and on-trend. I love the combination of a neutral outfit with bright, vibrant accessories.

Justin Livingston from Munrowe blog shows us how to pair neon and neutrals. His fun, neon orange shades add an element of excitement and whimsy to his look.

These neon yellow accented oxfords from Cole Haan are another stylish way to gradually incorporate neon into an outfit.

If you’re looking to show off your summer glow, a neon manicure is the perfect way to compliment sun-kissed skin.

What are your favorite ways to wear neon? Let us know and be sure to share your style on Get Stylin’.

Stay Stylish,


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