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Labor Day Weekend Essentials

There isn’t a real dress code for labor day,even though they say you should not wear white or seersucker after the holiday.But it’s about the celebration of workers and spending time with you family and friends and at the time symbolizes the end of summer. If you plan on going to a cookout, picnic or even the beach here are a few items that you should considering getting  for the holiday weekend.After the festivities,visit GetStylin and show us what you wore doing the labor day weekend. Have fun,stay stylish and be safe -IJ


Chino Shorts(Asos)

Swimming Trunks(Old Navy)

Sandals/Flip Flops(OldNavy)

Sun Glasses(SunglassHut)

Chuck Taylors(Converse)


(Source: getstylin)

Summer Activity Style: Amusement Parks & Water Parks

Whether it’s the thrill of going down a roller coaster’s biggest hill or cooling off on a water slide, spending time at amusement parks and water parks is an ideal way to enjoy summer. However, these attractions involve some careful considerations when it comes to how to dress. In general, visiting an amusement park or water park is not the time to show off your cute new dress or sky-high heels - keep your outfit casual and easy to move in. Accessories like shady hats, flip-flops, and heavy jewelry may be staples in your summer wardrobe but are best left at home in this case: hats and flip-flops can easily fly off (you don’t want to come off a roller coaster shoeless), and chunky necklaces or doorknocker earrings can just about cause a concussion. Instead, opt for a lightweight scarf that can be tied around your neck or the strap of your bag, and when the blazing sun is burning your scalp, can be turned into a turban. Speaking of bags, a small crossbody bag to hold your essentials is perfect - or dare to take on one of the new incarnations of post-90s fanny packs. Stay practical with shorts, tanks, and tees in cool cottons, linens, and silks for amusement parks; for riding the water rides, stick with a bathing suit with a little extra coverage and that will stay put through all the action. Looking for a park near you? Search here - then show your look on Get Stylin’!

ABOVE: Kate Spade stud earrings, Forever 21 scarf, Kooba crossbody bag, Miss Selfridge tank top, H&M shorts, Old Navy bathing suit, Lucky Brand sandals

Summer Travel Style: St. Tropez

St. Tropez is a summer hot spot in the French Riviera saturated with yachts, beautiful boutique hotels, streetside cafes, and celebrities on vacation. The summer weather during the day - often reaching the 80s and 90s (°F) - is perfect for taking in the sea breeze on the white beaches, and the comfortable evening climate is inviting to visitors looking to indulge in the town’s nightlife. While St. Tropez has a glamorous reputation, the dress code is typically easygoing and a little bohemian. Instead of piling on glitz, pack just a couple flashy items like a designer bag or statement sunglasses. Oh, and PSA moment: your best travel accessory will always be your SPF 50. Show us your St. Tropez-inspired looks on Get Stylin’!
Check out NY Times’ St. Tropez Travel Guide here.

ABOVE (clockwise): Element tank top, Delia’s bathing suit, Mango necklace, Victoria Beckham sunglasses, Gucci dress, J.Crew chinos, Calypso St. Barth tunic, Calypso St. Barth belt, MIA wedge sandals, Ganni striped tee, Givenchy hobo bag

Trendspotting: Attachment Jewelry

The latest trend in jewelry is attachment jewelry. Necklaces & earrings and rings & bracelets are being fused into one unique adornment. One style of attachment jewelry I am partial to is the toe chain anklet. Anklets and toe rings are traditional jewelry styles for women in India, but these styles have been updated for modern style by being fused together. You can spruce up a simple pair of sandals with a toe chain anklet. Or if you plan on being barefoot a lot this summer a toe chain anklet is a great way to keep your feet stylish!

~ Lauren

Lulu Frost Orchid Anklet Set

ASOS Skull Link Anklet & Toe Chain

Citrine by the Stones Large Cleo Anklet

ASOS Suede Toe Post Twisted Chain Anklet

Trendspotting: TOMS Wedges

Follow up to my GetStylin’ post and poised question a few weeks ago, just how comfortable are these shoes and are they worth all the hype?

I work in retail and spend 8 hours and sometimes more on my feet each day, needless to say, I strive to still look good while protecting my feet from utter pain.  My TOMS arrived in the mail earlier this week and I cannot tell you how INCREDIBLY comfortable these shoes are; not to mention how they keep me lookin’ stylish all day long!  A definite YES for the summer, no matter your work—these gems are perfect for any occasion!



Trendspotting: Gladiator Sandals

Summer is on its way and nothing says summer to me like a cute sandal. Though many aren’t into them, I’m a big fan of gladiator sandals. They are a great alternative to flip flops and can be quite comfortable. Gladiator sandals are a fabulous addition to any boho chic look!

Do you love or love to hate gladiator sandals? 


Spring Break in STYLE: Tropics Edition

If a tropical location is your destination for spring break, Get Stylin’ has you covered for all your stylish, sunny essentials. Just because you’re wearing less clothing on the beach, doesn’t mean that you can’t make a fashion statement. Instead, the solution is simple: your bare necessities should be completely fabulous.  

Ray-Bans are incredibly trendy right now. Whether you go for the Wayfarer, Cat or Aviator style is up to you, but definitely splurge for the polarized option if you’re looking to invest in a solid pair of shades. 

Love a sun-kissed glow but don’t want the dangerous effects of UV rays? Try sunless tanner! The world of fake tanning seems quite ominous to most, but I’m a fake tan connoisseur, so I won’t lead you astray. Fake Bake Flawless is the best self-tanner for beginners. The application is super easy and the effect is completely gorgeous without being orange in appearance. Make sure to exfoliate prior to applying, and follow up with a good SPF before basking in the sun. You can find Fake Bake products at ULTA or on

Of course, you’re going to want to show off your tan at some point, and coral is the perfect complimentary color for glowy skin. Plus, one pieces are SO in right now. Loving the belted waist too; the suit is really flattering. This is a bathing suit you can feel confident wearing! Pictured above is the "Sun Goddess" one-piece from Anthropologie

Nothing says “I’m on vacation” like a big, floppy hat. Floppy hats protect your face from harmful UV rays, so bigger is better in the case of floppy hats. Forever 21 has an excellent selection of these hats in every pattern imaginable (striped, polka dot, and even neon), for an affordable price.

 Where are you headed to for spring break? Let us know and be sure to share your style on Get Stylin’

Stay stylish, 

Grace; Grace & Beauty

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