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Lauren Conrad: the Queen of Casual Chic

By Grace Pulliam; Grace & Beauty

In high school, my friends and I used to pile on the couch with a bowl of popcorn and watch MTV’s The Hills, starring Lauren Conrad. As a small town girl who had never visited to L.A., the concept of starting a life and career in such a metropolitan city was completely mesmerizing. I wanted to be like her. 

As her stardom evolved, LC’s path to adulthood was documented. I followed LC’s journey and her internship at Teen Vogue, under the careful watch of Kelly Cutrone. After the first season of The Hills, I’m sure a multitude of young girls wanted to delve into fashion PR. 

Quickly, LC became a style icon. I began noticing her influence during my freshman year of college; nearly every girl on campus was rocking the signature LC braided bang (including me). I immediately started taking mental notes on LC’s personal style, and I eventually purchased her Style book, which helped me revamp my closet and find uses for items I had originally cast aside. 

LC’s style is simple and classic. Her casual outfits always appear carefully thought-out and tastefully put together. I think her ability to look effortless and sophisticated is completely captivating. Occasionally, I find myself with shopper’s indecisiveness, so I ask myself: “Would LC wear this?”

LC is the queen of making casual outfits look chic.  

Oh yes, I have an autographed copy! 

Have you tried LC’s fashion line at Khols? The line is super affordable and wearable. I own a few items from her spring collection, and the pieces constantly make an appearance in my everyday wardrobe. 

What’s your favorite trend that Lauren Conrad pioneered? The braided bang? Ombre´nails? Peach-dipped hair? 

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