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As the seasons change, so do our closets….Out with the old and in with the new!

Favorite Winter Item? SCARVES

Why? Scarves have the ability to put a little sass into any outfit or play down for a casual night out. They can be your statement piece, a warm and comfy option for cold winter days, and can transition into all seasons.

Type? Infiniti Scarves like this Betsey Johnson 'Bow Nanza' Infinity Scarf

What’s your favorite winter item?

<3 JG

Fall 2012: Adorn Accordingly.

What is the best way to spice up an old tee, carry over wearability with spring and summer tops all while staying warm this fall: hats and scarves. What you will soon learn about me is that I absolutely, positively love hats and scarves; aside from earrings, they are the best choice of adornment. Hats not only offer warmth and protection from treacherous inclement weather days, they also offer “protection” from treacherous inclement hair days (which, if you are like me, happens often).

This season there are a variety of styles, textures and prints to choose from, so don’t get discouraged if you have yet to meet your match made in hat heaven. Here are some haute hats and sassy scarves to try this fall without breaking the piggy bank from Forever21 and Urban Outfitters:

Keep it Haute,

Amberly “HauteLady” Moore

A Little More Spring On Your Neck—Erm, Step!

Spring has popped up quite suddenly and brightly across most of the US and with the surge of heat beaming on our skin it’s only natural that we are jonesin’ for what will be the hottest Spring trends and the perfect accessory.

I’ve always been a scarf girl and when it comes to winter, I rarely go anywhere without my infinity scarf in tow—since the weather has changed its tune, I’m ready to update my look and share my favorite stylin’ techniques so you can find the perfect spring knot to complete your look:

Like the season, everything has gotten a little brighter—and with that said, so will your accessories—opt for a more whimsical shade when selecting your scarf and remember, unlike the necessary weight of a winter one, this scarf will be more partial to different knots.

What I also love about the sheer material of these pieces is how many different places you can wear them—use it as headband and you’ve embodied the perfect vintage ensemble; add another layer to your dress and secure one with a high waisted belt to add some more flavor to a look.  With so many patterns in your grasp, the possibilities are endless.

Not wanting to totally dress up while you’re running errands? Spring scarves will be your partner in crime all season because they add an extra layer of fab while also helping to dress up a plain white tee and pair of skinny jeans.  Keep an open mind when it comes to knots and play around with a few depending on your mood and personality—you’ll find yourself planning an entire outfit around one scarf soon enough! :)


Bre D’Alessio

Season Essentials

The seasons; fickle things aren’t they? I hate it when summer is over and just as you have completed the perfect summer wardrobe and cannot imagine wearing something else… it gets colder! When that colder season comes rolling around, all my winter pieces that I wore a few months before seem to just disappear! Sound familiar? Then I start to wonder, what ever did I wear last year?

So, I bring you the list of essential items to make your wardrobe stretch over the seasons.

#1 - The Cardigan

Make sure to buy plenty of these in plenty of colors. Match the cardigan up with a summer dress, on top of a skirt-top combo or on top of any t-shirt. The cardigan is basically your new best friend.

Below are just a couple ways you might want to wear them:

#2 - The Legging

Okay, so these are a little tricky, but say it with me now: “Leggings are NOT pants!” The cardinal rule to leggings: the top you are wearing must cover your derriere. There is nothing worse than see-through leggings with a t-shirt over top. Here are some looks:

#3: Capes

I know by now everyone probably has one of these in their closet, but I think they are a definite must. A cape is a great look for fall—especially if you are fortunate enough to live somewhere that isn’t freezing! They are a hit these days and I think every woman should own at least one.

#4: The most important: The Scarf

This is the essential piece that will take your wardrobe from spring/summer to fall/winter. For scarves, my rules are simple: keep them interesting! For some reason, winter wear always just looks more somber than other seasons, so what better way to brighten things up than a printed scarf?

So dress up warmly, and use everything in your closet!

Until next time,



Recycle your Favorite Winter Accessories for All Seasons!

As Grace mentioned, winter is the season of the scarf. So many of us have tons of scarves in our closets but we can only wear them a few months out of the year. Not anymore! Break away from the bulkiness of a winter scarf by wearing it with light materials like cotton or linen. The Sartorialist snapped these fashionistas wearing scarves. For the winter style, the scarf is tightly bundled on top of a heavy sweater and pea coat. For the spring look a distressed navy scarf adds to the relaxed vibe of her outfit: a chocolate brown blazer over a striped top along with white cotton harem pants. 

Legwarmers can be more fun than functional, especially in the warmer months. They look great with heels and flats. Legwarmers are a unique accessory that will add some flavor to your spring and summer style. Wear them over leggings or with shorts. This monochromatic winter style is all about layering with leg warmers over leggings and a cute bolero over a long sleeve sweater dress. The spring look features a light trench coat layered over two T-shirts and legwarmers over jeans with some suspenders. 


My favorite winter accessory has to be hats. Hats of all kinds can translate from winter to spring easily and can add some much needed flair to chilly winter style. One of my favorite styles of hats is the wide-brimmed fedora. The wide-brimmed fedora can protect from rain and sleet in the winter and from the sun in the spring. The winter style is vivid, with a canary yellow coat and opaque black tights accented with a teal fedora. The spring style is more casual; the fedora adds an 80’s vibe to a grey tee and black maxi skirt.


What are winter accessories will you be wearing all year long?

Lauren Monser 

Images via The Sartorialist

You Can Wear Your Cake And Eat It, Too: How To Style Spring Purchases Now and Still Love ‘Em Later

Walk into any clothing store these days and you may feel a bit bombarded with color—and quite possibly confused as to exactly what season it is. While it might feel like you’ve entered the twilight zone, stores know what they’re doing—they’re giving you just what you need to help rejuvenate you; a color boost to keep our winter-bitten souls thriving. Not just the right pieces to wear now, but also the same clothes you’ll be wearing in three months. Wha-Wha-What? you might fret—but honestly, it’s simple. It all comes down to your styling.

One of the biggest misconceptions people have when they are overloaded with “spring-esque” apparel during the winter months is that they feel there is no way they could or should they be purchasing these clothes because they’ll just sit in their closets.  But what people don’t recognize is that there are so many ways to style a sleeveless tank—and that coral knit dress you think we could be great on the beach? Well, envision it with black tights and a fitted boot. February just got a whole lot brighter, didn’t it?

 Situation: You Found A Plethora of Color in Multiple Items…

                                                     (Francesca’s Collections)

While every piece in this picture can be removed and made into its own separate story, notice how we layered it with similar colors to create a complete look. The skirt can could be paired with tights and a thick boot to maintain your winter status and the yellow silk top could be paired with jeans or leggings to offer a more casual look.  And do you really need a reason for a scarf? They’re just such great accent pieces!

So, for now:

Top could be paired with leggings/boots, leggings/jeans or fitted under a skirt (like above) with tights to complete the look.

Skirt could be paired with tights and a thick boot or even an ankle boot for now; then strip off the tights to show off those legs once the summer sun hits your skin.

Situation: You’ve Just Found the Perfect Summer Dress…


This dress has a lot to offer and it’s barely February! The vibrant turquoise color does scream spring fling, but notice how perfect it is when paired with these leggings! Add a more sophisticated/darker scarf to dress up the entire ensemble.

I think it’s a no-brainer how well we can transform this for summer…

                                          (Francesca’s Collections)

Now, wasn’t that easy?

Situation: There’s this great vintage dress you think only works for summer…

                              (Urban Outfitters)

Urban Outfitters is giving us more bang for our buck. Notice how the dark sheer tights paired with the chunky bracelet create a more wintery look—if you took away the tights, added a longer necklace and a pair of sandals, you have summer perfection!

Adding a cardigan to any dress is so easy; if you want something extra, pair it with a fitted belt or a cute flat. This allows you to experiment with so many options!


No matter what you are picking out now, remember that anything you invest in will be able to translate later on in the season.  A few staple pieces like a fitted belt, a great cardigan, and a pair of leggings will go a long way as you stock up on spring trends and utilize them during the colder months.  And with a little bit of color in your life—isn’t it refreshing to know what you have to look forward to?

Be sure to share your stylin’ tips with us!


Bre D’Alessio

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